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The number of people specified exceeds the maximum number of people for this room type. The selected rooms can accommodate up to 2 adults + 1 children or 3 adults.

Reservations including accommodation on 31.12.2020 are subject to mandatory payment for New Year's Eve dinner:
La Foret Restaurant, Casa Di Pasta, Octopus, Half Way House - BGN 120 / adult; BGN 60 for children from 7 to 13.99 years.
Restaurant Bar 19 - Club House - 150 BGN / adult; BGN 75 for children from 7 to 13.99 years.
Club House Restaurant - BGN 180 / adult; BGN 90 for children from 7 to 13.99 years.
Euro Kitchen & Taste of Asia - BGN 153 / adult; BGN 77 for children from 7 to 13.99 years.
The choice of restaurant is confirmed by submitting the reservation.

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